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Runway Inspection

Geophisical Survey

Runway Inspection

On airport operation and implementation of reconstruction and repairs of runways there appears a number of questions concerning the structure and state of constructional layers of runways, detects and heterogeneity in hard coating and lower coating.

Application of current geophysical technologies, notably newest instruments, respective methods and software of our developers and involvement of drilling data makes it possible to acquire reliable decision to the assigned tasks.

GEOTECH has the unique experience of providing engineering geophysical surveys in road control analysis and in designing and construction of new routes. On conducting of surveys it is used domestic manufacture technique which makes it possible to conduct works at a rate up to 80 kilometers per hour.


  • Engineering geological surveys for airports and runways
  • Determining thickness of structural layers of runways and taxi channels
  • Detection of nonsolid and watered zones
  • Study of reinforcement features of concrete pavement slabs
  • Study of engineering geological conditions of the zones liable to deformation:
    • determining occurence level of subsoil waters and upgrade water existence
    • mapping of bedrock foundation roof
    • locating zones of specific subsoil spread (peat, silt, salt subsoil etc.)
    • permafrost top tracing
    • detection of heavy icy rocks
    • examination of taliks, supercooled water brines with permafrost
    • examination of permafrost dynamics (seasonal freezing zones)

Mapping of underground utility lines

Study of dangerous engineering geological processes:

  • landslides
  • floating earth
  • karstic phenomena

Study of engineering geological environment of zones adjacent to airports

Checking runway pavement compliance with project documentation

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