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Railway inspection

Geophisical Survey

Railway Inspection

GEOTECH company has significant experience in providing geological and geophysical survey on Russian railroads. By this moment we have examined more than 3000 km of Russian railroads and while the examination we used a complex of geophysical methods that provide reliability and credibility of the results.

Using the latest scientific and technical achievements a highly professionsl team of developers constantly improves already manufactured equipment and designs new machines. Through the years of the work our specialists developed and manufactured a wide range of high solid geophysical equipment that operates without a hitch in negative climatic conditions and may successfully complete with foreign devices of similar class.


Engineering geological surveys for railroads and overbridges construction

Examination of ballast section:

  • determination of thickness and composition of structural layers
  • location of abnormal zones

Study of engineering geological conditions of the zones liable to deformation:

  • mapping of bedrock foundation roof

  • determining occurrence level of subsoil waters and upgrade water existence

  • location zones of specific subsoil spread (peat, silt, salt subsoil etc.)

  • permafrost top tracing; detection of heavy icy rocks

  • examination of taliks, supercooled water brines with permafrost

  • examination of permafrost dynamics (seasonal freezing zones)

Study of dangerous engineering geological processes:

  • landslides,
  • floating earth,
  • karstic phenomena

Examination of ballast section:

  • determination of thickness and composition of structural layers
  • location of abnormal zones

Checking embankment structure compliance with project documentation

Mapping of underground utility lines Multichannel GPR complex was designed especially for high-speed survey of ballast section and natural ground formation in order to determine deformation zones.

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  • The multichannel GPR complex is designed for monitoring the state of the ballast section and upper layer of the natural bed.

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  • The Analysis-7 software complex is one of the latest developments. Analysis-7 is primarily intended for working with data received by multi-channel GPR complexes OKO for railways. The latest version of the software implements the possibility of automatic processing and interpretation of radargrams, analysis of the thickness of structural layers, moisture and slope. Automatic generation of reports is also available.

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  • The Delta Seismic Recorder is designed to detect seismic signals from external (natural and artificial) seismic vibrations. This is a fixed seismic station with the possibility of data logging to a removable large‐capacity flash drive, and data transmission to a PC for real‐time analysis and recording.

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  • The Vega high-frequency electrical exploration system is a resistivity instrument which provides high quality data on the electrical properties of soil using traditional resistivity measurements but without the option of grounding.

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