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Ice Thickness Measurement

Geophisical Survey

Ice Thickness Measurement

The importance of geophysical surveys for ponds is growing in hard-to-reach places, rugged topography conditions and deep bogginess. The equipment is quite mobile and ensures surveys in hard conditions, makes it possible to obtain persistent information on the main elements of geologic structure and physical and mechanical environment properties.

Application of GPR methods makes it possible to project measures of pond bottom cleaning, disclose heterogeneous objects, project coastal zone. Within the framework of reconstruction programs of Moscow and Moscow region water bodies the specialists of GEOTECH have examined more than 30 water bodies.

Based on a wide range of GPRs produced by our company, for ice thickness measurements two versions of portable specialized GPR ” Ice Scanner ” were developed:

Hand-held Ice Scanner LD-1200.

The LD-1200 hand-held Ice Scanner is able to determine the structure and thickness of ice when in direct contact with its surface and at a separation from it of up to 15 cm. The maximum depth of freshwater ice sounding is up to 2 m.

Hardware and software complex LD-400.

Hardware and software complex LD-400 was developed on the basis of the “OKO-3” GPR complex with a “MG-400” antenna unit for quick determination of thickness and structure of ice, localization of heterogeneity, cracks, and other defects inside the ice massif in real time.

The device has a mass of 5.5 kg and can be installed on any vehicle by means of external suspension with a separation from surface of 0.5 – 1.0 m. The depth of sounding of freshwater ice – up to 8 m, sea ice – up to 2.5 m

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  • The LD-1200 Ice Thickness Sensor is designed for non-contact and contact measurement of the thickness of fresh ice, detection of dangerous places (cracks, scours, voids) in real time. It has a convenient, lightweight, portable design for pedestrian operation: one-handed operation, ice thickness measurement range of 0.05 – 2.0 m.

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  • The LD-400 hardware and software complex is developed on the basis of the OKO-3 series GPR complex with the MG-400 antenna for the prompt determination of ice thickness and structure, localization of inhomogeneity, cracks, and other defects within the ice mass in real time. The device has a weight of 5.5 kg and is placed on an external sling on any vehicle with a separation from the surface of 0.5 – 1.0 m. The sounding depth of fresh ice is up to 8 m, sea ice – up to 2.5 m.

    LD-400 can be mounted on the drone.

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