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Nuclear and hydropower facilities

Geophisical Survey

Nuclear and hydropower facilities

Non-destructive methods for monitoring the condition of objects of increased responsibility

Engineering and geophysical surveys for the design and construction of nuclear and hydropower facilities:

  • bedrock roof mapping

  • determining the level of groundwater and the presence of perched water

  • identification of icy rocks, determination of the position of the top of permafrost rocks

  • study of taliks, cryopegs

  • study of the dynamics of permafrost phenomena (seasonal freezing zones)

  • identification of geological bodies that are dangerous during drilling (vein, formation ice)

  • identification of zones of distribution of specific soils (peat, silt, saline soil, etc.)

  • identification of gas pockets in the upper part of the cut


Study of hazardous engineering-geological processes:

  • landslides

  • quicksand

  • karst phenomena


Study of the engineering-geological situation of territories adjacent to nuclear and hydropower facilities

Monitoring the condition of concrete structures, including underwater parts of the structure